Break To Ramya Nambeesan Movie

Ramya Nambeesan who has previously acted in some Telugu movies like Nuvvila, Telugabbai etc is popular in Tamil and Malayalam languages. She is all set for her next outing, Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma starring Kavin. Shivakumar Aravind helmed this project whereas Ravindran bankrolled this film under Libra Productions. The movie was supposed to get released on July 27th. But the High Court issued a stay order on the release of the film.

Ramya Nambeesan Movie
Ramya Nambeesan Movie

Digging deep into the story, a distributor Malaysia Pandiyan submitted his petition in High Court. He claimed that he bought the International rights of the film and gave 8 lakhs as the advance. After that, he paid the total of Rs. 25 lakhs in installments. But because of the delay in the release of the film, he faced so many losses and approached the makers to return his money back which they refused to do. So, the distributor pleaded to the High Court to ban the release till the makers return his money. The High Court issued the stay order and the makers can’t release the film till 30th of this month.

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