Did break up episode made Samantha leave Twitter?

Samantha Twitter

Samantha’s breakup episode is a top level sensation in the web space. Samantha wrote few comments in her Twitter and few media segments conformed that she had a breakup. Through her Twitter account, Samantha gave few interesting statements to her fans on the posters of few films and on her personal life incidents.

Few of them turned controversial while few of them raised suspense among common people and celebrities. In the recent times, few celebrities even felt interested to know the breakup episode of Samantha. Looks like, Samantha decided not to leak any more information which is related to her personal life.

Samantha finally said ‘bye’ for a while to Twitter audience. “Is this a temporary bye or is it a permanent one?” is not yet known clearly. As of now, it is stated to be a temporary one. Real reason behind this act of Samantha is not yet known to the media.

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