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July 11 (IndiaGlitz): Galaxy of comedians failed to deliver entertainment

There are many directors, who could tickle the funny bones, with the movement of the story itself. They could script the screenplay and story in such a way that the scene itself brings smile on the face of audiences. They were able to reap good entertainment with heroes itself. Heroes like Venkatesh, Rajendra Prasad, Raviteja, Vishnu and the latest Ram, were able to give entertainment, despite showing heroism on the screen. There some other directors, who keep a comedy track, which has a link with the story and at times, without any link as well. But, keeping the entire comedians of Tollywood in his star cast, director I Srikanth failed to provide entertainment, though the subject was proved a hilarious comedy show in its original form (Bagham Bagh).

Anandam (Brahmanandam) has two heroes in his drama company Sivaji (Sivaji) and Ravi (Ravikrishna). An NRI contractor (AVS), who was fascinated with the beauty and dance of the heroine of the drama company (Sameeksha) books them to stage shows in Bangkok. Before they leave for the abroad trip, both the heroes misbehave with the heroine. This forces her to quit the job and leave the drama company just before they were about to board the flight. To make use of the abroad trip, the entire troupe boards the flight sans the heroine. They somehow manage the contractor that their heroine was busy with some modelling and will join them later. Then the heroes start search for a suitable face as heroine. In the process, Ravi was able to bring Arpitha (Kamalini Mukherjee), into their troupe. After giving performance in one show, she meets with an accident due to her mental disorder (suicide tendency). Later, she was taken away by one Mahendra (Raghu) who claimed to be her husband. Soon, the trio (Anandam, Sivaji and Ravi) gets implicated in abetment of suicide case. How they were able to come out of the case? What makes her to commit suicide? Did really Arpitha die? What made her to say that she is the wife of Mahendra? Why the gangsters were after the trio? Answers to all these questions form part of the climax.


It is Brahmanandam, who is a seasoned comedian, delivered good performance in the entire film. All the other artistes, who were also seasoned comedians could not evoke even a smile on the faces of the audiences, leave alone a big laugh. Moreover, good artistes like Sivaji and Sivajiraja too gave a very unimpressive performance. Ravikrishna kept a big blank face in the film. Neither he showed any feelings in his face nor had put up a good body language. Kamalini is the only saving grace in the film. However, she was also portrayed in a deglamorous character. However, she showed ease in a couple of dances which gave a little relief.


Dialogues by Ramesh-Gopi are very unimpressive. Camera work by PS Babu is a big minus. Though a major part of the film was shot in Bangkok, he failed to grab the beautiful locales with his camera skills. Songs lack any foot-tapping dances and music by Sai Karthik is not at all melodious. Only a remix song, which has a mixture of first stanzas of popular songs evoked good response in the theatre. Screenplay and direction by I Srikanth are very disappointing. The director failed to run the film with a good tempo.

REMARKS: The audiences who go to the theatres with lots of expectations on the entertainment would face miserable disappointment in the absence of any scenes worth watching. The producers who took more than one and a half years to complete the film, were not in a position to release the film in the absence of any takers, possibly because of the unimpressive movement of the film. Somehow, they were rescued by some distributors who dared to release the film. It is very much doubtful whether any of the buyers would get back their money or not.

Cast: Brahmanandam, Sivaji, Ravikrishna, Kamalini Mukherjee, Sameeksha, Ranganath, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Jeeva, Ali, AVS, Raghubabu, Sivajiraja, Allari Ravi, Raghu, Kamal, Gundu Sudarshan, Apoorva, Sasirekha, and others

Credits: Camera – PS Babu, Music – Sai Karthik, Dialogues – Ramesh-Gopi, Fights – Selva, Presents – B Gurunath Reddy, Producers – Palli Kesava Rao and K Kishore, Screenplay and direction – I Srikanth

Banner: Sriramachandrulu Films

Released on: July 11, 2008

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