Brahmi Vs Sampu – Kabaddi comedy fight!

Brahmi vs Sampoo

Kabaddi match in yesterday’s Memu Saitham event turned out to be a highlight one. Brahmi was seen in furious state and he is firing on Mohan Babu for the fines he is imposing on Brahmi’s team. Of course, everything was in a comedy way and the actors just entertained audience with their gestures.

On the other hand, main competition was seen between Brahmi and Sampu in the Kabaddi match. Fans were thrilled seeing Sampoornesh Babu and they raised their voice in support of this star. On the other hand, Brahmi was quite hilarious in the team and he was seen doing comedy throughout the Kabaddi match.

Finally, Manchu Manoj’s team won over Vishnu’s team by 4 points and Brahmi was in Manoj’s team. It was entertaining to see Kabaddi and Cricket at one go in Memu Saitham event.

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