Brahmi Meets his NRI Fan

Comedy king Brahmanandam, who has millions of fans across the globe, has today met one of his most ardent fans.

Charu, a 7-year-old girl, has been a big fan of Brahmi. She has always wanted to meet him, but as her family has been living in the US, her wish remained a wish. After the family recently landed in India for some work, Charu forced her parents to take her to Brahmi.

Brahmi With his NRI Fan
Brahmi With his NRI Fan

Although the parents know that Brahmi is one of the busiest actors in Tollywood, they came to Hyderabad from Vijayawada for the sake of Charu. Even after waiting for a full day, they couldn’t meet Brahmi and decided to go back.

When Brahmi found out about Charu, he not only called back the family but also waited for close to 2 hours for them. Brahmi spent some quality time with the little girl and gave his autograph as well. Charu was beyond happy after meeting her favorite idol.

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