Brahmi flustered with his mockery

Ace comedian Brahmanandam is a favourite of one and all in telugu film audience. The actor is a legendary performer with more than three decades into industry. The funny faces and the one liners of Brahmi are very popular with film lovers. The increasing comical shows in TV channels have lately started using Brahmi’s laughter element to induce ineterets in their programs. The channels are heavily using statements made by politicians with editing Brahmi’s dialogues into them. Brahmi, who is fully aware of his image and following, however, was slightly flustered lately with this ever growing mockery on him. The actor stated on couple of occasions that he is a pprofssional and that making people laugh forms a core part of his profession. Well, certain things can’t be changed and few icons can never be ignored but only are an inspiration to many. A legend surely cant sweat over small stuff!

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