Brahmi defeat all actors in this aspect!

Hilarious comedian Brahmanandam defeated all the actors in the aspect of films. When heroes are counting on tens and hundreds, Brahmi is starting his count in thousands. As per the details, Brahmi will complete his 1000th flick this year.

Brahmanandam 1000 Movies

It seems that the venture “Loukyam” is 997th flick for Brahmi and as he is the most busiest comedian in Tollywood, getting 3 films in the next 3 months is not a big deal. So, Brahmi is set to bang 1000th flick in South India and analysts are saying that no one can beat this record.

Interestingly, more than 500 films in this list are hit flicks and Brahmi holds another record for the highest number of hit ventures in his career. Compared to the comedians in other film industries, Brahmi is on the top of the list. Tollywood and Brahmi rocks!

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