Brahmi buys a swanky new Mercedes Benz car

Many of you would agree with us when we say there is no comedy without Brahmanandam in Tollywood. Even an expressionless pic of Brahmi can tickle our funny bone and strain our cheeks- That is Brahmanandam!

Brahmanandam Buys a Mercedes Benz car
Brahmanandam Buys a Mercedes Benz car

With a phenomenal career spanning over 26 years and about a whopping 1000 films and innumerable memorable characters to his credit, Brahmi has created a niche for himself as King of comedy in TFI.

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But from the past few days, his comedy is not working properly on the silver screen. However, he is in no mood to worry about it. As per the latest reports, Brahmi recently bought a swanky new Mercedes-Benz car. It is heard that Brahmi bought this lanky car for several crores and very few star actors in Tollywood apparently own this lavish car. Looks like Brahmi is also quite fond of high end cars.

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