Boxer files Case against Maan Karate!

Sivakarthikeyan’s comedy entertainer Maan Karate, which has been a success at the box office, has landed in some trouble as a boxer, J Krishnamurthy, has filed a case against the movie at a Chennai City court – he wants the movie banned!

Wondering why? According to Mr. Krishnamurthy, the movie shows the sport of boxing in a poor light and is adversely influencing aspiring young boxers in Tamil Nadu!

maan-karate 2(1)

“Instead of showing the sport for what it is, they have shown a caricature version of it,” says Krishnamurthy. Even though the movie is not based on boxing the plot uses it extensively, in fact most of the second half is boxing filled. The boxer is indignant that the makers of the film didn’t even follow the rules of the sport correctly onscreen and this would discourage young aspiring boxers from ever approaching the sport seriously.

Is this suit a frivolous one? One can’t say for sure. Movies are hugely influential in our popular culture, especially in south India. And the success of the movie would mean most of the content and the humorous material being elevated to cult or iconic status. Does that mean the sport of boxing might become a punch line in jokes? Will it actually change the perception of boxing in people’s minds – especially given that the sport is already not all that popular in the country?

Krishnamurthy, of course, seems to think so and he has filed a petition at the City Police Commissioner’s office against the makers of the movie and wants the courts to step up and ban it.

Maan Karate tells the story of Peter, an unemployed youth, who through a series of hilarious events has to prove his love to a girl by winning a boxing championship. Hansika Motwani plays the love interest in this A R Murgadoss story directed by Thirukumaran.

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