Botcha meeting with ministers Sons!

PCC president Botcha Satyanarayana has hit upon a new idea to strengthen the Congress. As sons of ministers and MLAs wield considerable influence, he wants them to take an active part in the party.

This will have two benefits: One, they can be protected from poaching by other parties. Two, the party will get a new vigour.

Satyanarayana held a meeting with sons of ministers and MLAs here on Monday. He counselled them to keep off "temptations" and not bite the bait thrown by others, in particular YSR Congress chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. His words seemed to have had the desired effect on the young would-be leaders. "Youth should be encouraged to play an active role in politics. Winning or losing is on account of difference of only two percent of votes. If youth’s energy is properly channellised, it will yield rich dividends to the party," Satyanarayana said.

The PCC chief aims to build a band of 1,000 young activists in each district to forcefully take the party’s programmes to the people.

Satyanarayana, sources said, also warned the young brigade against resorting to unlawful activities as "youthful indiscretions" might lower the image of the party in the eyes of the people. He told them to understand that the key to success in public life was rapport with the people. If they behaved irresponsibly, it would not only seal their prospects in the party but would also damage the political career of their parents, he warned them.

The youngmen were given the advice in the presence of ministers, some of them are either their parents or brothers or relatives. The ministers who attended the meeting included D Prasada Rao, K Lakshminarayana, E, Pratap Reddy, P Sabita Indra Reddy, M Mukesh Goud, MP Anjan Kumar Yadv, MLAs A Rajendar and Nandeshwar Goud.

Sabita Indra Reddy’s son Karthik Reddy, said later: "It was good. It will, after all, help us in the long run. I will make myself available to the people in my mother’s constituency and try to address their problems."(ENS)

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