Boochamma Boochodu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

With the postponement of several big shot films, “Boochamma Boochodu ” got the chance to set on for release today all over the state. Here is the Review of that Movie. Experienced actor Shivaji tried his luck once again with this flick in Tollywood. Previously, Shivaji attempted few top rated projects like “Missamma”. “Will this film is in that range?” is the main question. Read on to know about this aspect.


This film is a romantic thriller and the story begins when Shivaji and Kainaz Motiwala enters the screens as wife and husband. This couple gets shifted to a beautiful plot to enjoy their romantic life and this place changes their mood completely. Instead of romance, they will face stunning scenarios. What are those scenarios and how Shivaji and Kainaz tries to overcome it forms the remaining part of the story.


Shivaji tried to deliver his best in this venture. He aimed to balance the trendy youngster and comedy shaded role apart from the horror based one in this flick. Comedy played vital role in this movie and the comediean staff of Brahmanandam, Vennela Kishore and the Jabardasth team did their best on screen. Twists combined with comedy made audience feel the essence in the venture.

Kainaz was given scope to exude glamour on the big screen. She was giving a challenging role of glamour mixed with horror. There are few scary scenes which will make audience feel tough to watch the actors in the film.

Technical Aspects:

Technically, this film looked good. Production values were fine and the producers made sure that the right scenes comes out with right value. Film director Revan Yadu took care to make the flick look perfectly hilarious apart from scaring the audience. He tried to make this flick a horror comedy venture.

In the recent times this kind of ventures were getting good craze among audience. “Geethanjali” which was released recently falls under the same category. The pace of the story looked a bit low and it could have been better if the film maker came up with good pace flick. At few instances, this film got affected by the lag factor. Background score is in sync with the story and the music department tried to give the best.


Finally, this venture has comedy as well as horror. It is a typical romantic story which takes a turn towards horror and in between has comedy tracks. It is a mixture of all the funny emotions one can have. Twists in the flick were well maintained and the way director took the venture too is appreciable.

Film maker managed to release this venture in the right time as “Rabhasa” collections are being dried out and “Power” has been postponed for next week. In this scenario, this kind of comedy thrillers may work out well at the box office.

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