Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

What it’s all about?


The film Boni is about gangsters and a king hearted girl who runs an NGO. Her immediate task is to help some poor villagers whose lands are being usurped by a rich landlord cum money lender. She needs 4 crores to succeed in her mission. Can she do it and if so how?


The plot:


DD (Sumanth) is an orphan who grows up in an orphanage along with a friend Chinna. The caretaker of the orphanage Sudha loves both the children very much. Her aim in life is to set up a Tiffin centre – Tamarind Rice centre. She dies suddenly and the two kids resolve to set up a tamarind rice centre in her memory.


They need money to set up the centre so they work as collection agents with a local gangster Tanikella Bharani. They save about 7 lakhs but jus when they are about to realize their dream, the girl at whose place they have kept the money vanishes with the money.


DD and Chinna are back to square one. They decide to once aging start working hard and make money to realize the dream. This time they take up a job with a big gangster Jayaprakash Reddy. He is involved in kidnaps and killings for big money. DD and china are assigned with the task of kidnapping Pragati (Kruthi). They kidnap her but she strangely starts to act as if she is out on a picnic. DD realizes that she has actually stage managed a kidnap drama but she was accidentally kidnapped by these real kidnappers.  


DD after coming to know that Pragati is a NGO and that she wants to extort 4 crore from her father so that she can pay off a greedy money lender and free the lands of poor villagers, starts to help Pragathi. Dasanna on the other hand wants DD to kill her.


Why is Dasanna after Pragathi’s life? What is the motive for the murder plan? Who is behind Dasanna? This is the suspense element that slowly unfolds on the screen.


The actors:


Sumanth as DD does a neat job. He is quite natural and his soft looks are quite appealing. He carries the role with warmth and conviction. The heroine Kruthi looks more like a girl next door. She is just average. Tanikella does a good job and Jayaparakash Reddy goes about his role in a professional way.


Sudha plays a guest role so do others like Chandramohan and Ahuthi Prasad.


The bottom line:     


Boni is a decent entertainer. The film deals with gangsters but fortunately there are no big and violent fights. The comedy runs as part of the main story and it is only Satyam Rajesh and Naresh who form a separate comedy track.


The film is fairly decent and is a good one time watch.

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