Bollywood’s 10 Worst Films of 2013

Bollywood has had no great luck with the year 2013. While most movies plummeted badly, there were few that managed to make an impact, critically if not commercially.

Let us take a look at the top worst films this year that bombed and sank without trace.

10.  Ghanchakkar

After making serious path-breaking films like Aamir and No One Killed Jessica, Raj Kumar attempted comedy. The movie was supposed to be a suspense comedy. Raj Kumar expected that his scenes would be nail-biting and evoke laughter. To his surprise, nose-digging happened while yawning. Yes, Ghanchakkar was an utterly uninteresting piece of work. I hope Raj Kumar Gupta has realized after the debacle of Ghanchakkar that he should be probably be doing what he’s good at.

9. Phata Poster Nikla Hero

Raj Kumar Santoshi seems to be under the illusion that his writing shall definitely make the audience laugh, just because he had  given a cult comedy like Andaaz Apna Apna, 19 years ago (Sorry Sir, two decades is a very long time to base your confidence upon).  ‘Phata Poster..’  is a failed attempt at humor. ‘Phata Poster..’ might get on to your nerves, and so much that you really want to tear the poster on the multiplex hoarding as soon as you exit the hall.

8. Race 2

‘Kahaani mein Twist’ was the strength of Race.  The twists came at the right time with the right thrill. Director duo Abbas-Mustan forgot that anything in excess is harmful and made Race-2 a ‘Twists bhari Kahaani’. The part-two had endless twists in equal intervals of 5 minutes. After a point, the viewer understood that whatever they were seeing will anyway be a treachery, which will be shown as ‘twist’ after 5 minutes. The overdose of these led to suffocation in the audience mind.

7.  Satyagaraha

The title will be more apt, if ‘A’ is prefixed, so that it becomes ‘Asatyagraha’.  This movie tried to exploit the Anna Hazaare movement with enormous amounts of superficiality.  Even, Raghupati Raghava song was remixed to bring commercial element. The film was too artificial to touch the viewer’s heart, so were the performances Now that AAP is successful in the elections, do not be surprised if plans for Satyagraha-2 are made.

6. Once upon a Time in Mumbai  Dobara

Looking at the success of Once Upon A Time in Mumbai and  Dirty Picture, the hit combo of  Milan Luthria -Rajit Arora seems to have concluded that throwing endless list one-liners are enough to pull the crowds. They made OUATIMD with that assumption and ended up making a movie which focused only on the punch dialogues and the script took a backseat.  Casting of Imran was another mistake. He tried to do a Ghulam with the body language of Jaane Tu..

5. Policegiri

A remake of the decade old Tamil movie (Saamy), Policegiri had Sanjay Dutt playing a Chulbul Pandey plus BajiRao Singham in Sanju Baba style. The clichéd story and the over-the-top acting from the whole cast (including the junior artistes), made it a disaster. The pathetic trailers came like god-sent messengers as a warining to stay away from this film.

4.  Boss

Sometimes coincidences are so funny. BOSS had released on the eve of Bakrid. The audiences became the ultimate ‘bakras’, that day when the 32 shining teeth of Akki chewed  your brains ruthlessly, with the torturous movie of his. BOSS had a totally outdated story and treatment. In the movie, you have the privilege to experience the extreme slow-motion ‘thrills’ like – Water splashing from the ‘hero’s mouth when he suddenly makes a bungee jump from a water body. Thrilling isn’t it?

3. Zanjeer

This was the debut of South Indian Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan Tej into Bollywood. Directed by Apoorva Lakhia, this remake was out rightly rejected by the junta. One of the most iconic films of Bollywood, was made into a boring flick with a terrible screenplay. The new angry young man was no way near to the ACP Vijay Khanna. Equally disappointing was Sanjay Dutt playing Pran so lifelessly. The 2013 Zanjeer became an utterly failed remake and a disappointing debut for Ram Charan.

2. Besharam

This movie came as the biggest shock, for admirers of Ranbir Kapoor. He started giving remarkable performances from Wake Up Sid, and there was no looking back. Besharam came as a speed-breaker. Besharam’s uninteresting story had some annoying performances from Papa Ji (Rishi kapoor), Mommy Ji (Neetu) and Beta Ji (Ranbir). Besharam for Ranbir Kapoor can be considered equivalent to A Ram Jaane for SRK, A Hello Brother for Salman, A Mela for Aamir. Abhinav Kashyap’s Dabangg was a game-changer in Bollywood, but Besharam is a black mark in Ranbir’s career.

1. Himmatwala

Usually remakes are made from classics. In this case, the original was neither a classic nor an iconic film. It is heard that the Department of Psychology at Yale University is doing a case study on the abnormal neural activity of Sajid Khan, as in, what excited him to remake a mediocre movie and creating such an unbearable and torturous movie. Also, Psychoanalysis is being done to Ajay Devgan and UTV Movies CEO for not to be a part of such projects again. Even the almighty may not have the ‘himmat’ to watch the most atrocious movie of the year- Himmatwala.

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