Bollywood’s Top Homosexual Liplocks!

Love knows no language, sex, creed or caste; it just knows one language of heart!

Breaking through the taboos and shattering the ‘hooh-haah’ and ‘haws’ when it comes to kissing on screen, someone of the same gender, Bollywood has really come a long way! Gone are the days when an erotic scene on the silver screen would rake criticism and rave reviews. Now they form the parameters for a film’s success.

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Quite untouched for a long time, Bollywood’s stint at portraying the steamy kissing scene depicting gay/lesbian love has been revamped through ages. Be it Fire or Bombay Talkies, there have been many steamier than ever and sultry scenes shown on screen, which have not over-hyped or under-toned in their portraiture on the Big Screen.

We aim to list down 7 of the Bollywood’s hot liplocks shown on celluloid over time.



When veteran actress Shabana Azmi had no qualms while kissing, Nandita Das, in Deepa Mehta’s Fire, there were hell lot of eyebrows raised and jaws dropped. It remains as one of the very first films to depict homosexuality on screen in our country. With too much controversy circling around it, the movie even had interests piqued to see what was the hullabaloo about the lesbian love. The love between the two sister-in-laws, Fire depicted their lovemaking in aesthetic manner.

2.I Am:


With Onir helming the film, and Rahul Bose kissing Arjun Mathur, there were many question raised upon a man kissing a man. But Rahul was quoted saying in an interview, aptly pointing out, how is kissing a man on screen any different than kissing a woman on screen he doesn’t know. The kiss was steamy one, and I AM was a film loved and cherished by many.

3.Dunno Y… Na Jaane Kyun:


Kapil Sharma and Yuvraaj Parashar created waves for their depiction of gay romance. Yuvraaj had to bear the brunt to the level of being disowned by his family after the film. But it did manage him a CM’s recognition for the sensitive portrayal on screen. The film was even screened at many festivals. Kapil Sharma had himself penned down the film.

4.I Can’t Think Straight:


Lisa and Sheetal Seth worked in Shamin Sarif’s film not once but twice. The film was rumored to be based upon a real life story of lesbian love, and it got too many mouths shunning it. But the movie remains still special to those who connect to it. Post this, Lisa and Sheetal went to work in another lesbian love story by Shamim Sarif titled, ‘The World Unseen’.

5.Bombay Talkes:

Karan Johar made a really bold move while making his short film for Bombay Talkies, he had to show the changes in cinema in 100 years. And he didn’t hesitate even by an inch from getting his lead actors Randeep Hooda and Saqib Saleem share a very passionate kiss on screen. So when they did kiss, the ‘haws’ and ‘oohs’ were reverberating all around.

6.Ragini MMS 2:


Baby Doll Sunny Leone kissed Sandhya Mridul and that became the talk of the tinselville. Well! Obviously it was more so because it showed lesbian love, but the kiss was titillating one too. The news of two ladies kissing spread like a wildfire.


It was passion-laided and showed homosexual tones between Kalki Koechlin and Kirti Kulhari. Their girl fondness was shown in their hot liplock in the 2011 flick Shaitan. The ladies kissed like no one’s watching!

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