Bollywood’s Most Adorable Dads!

Every man has a fatherly side, and we might as well be scared of our fathers or be super-frank with them, there is no doubt that our fathers are adorable. But you know what; even these Bollywood Dads are super-doting.

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Here is listing a few Lovesome Fathers from tinsel town, and mark my words you’d wish to be their son/daughter too.

1.Shah Rukh Khan:


When in question, Badshah Shah Rukh Khan, excels at being an exceptional father. He knows how to care and at the same time protect his kids. Be it Aryan, Suhana or the newborn AbRam, SRK has time and again shown to the world how much he adores his children, who mean the world to him.

2.Aamir Khan:


Hope you remember Azad peeing in Aamir’s arms and Mr. Perfectionist even then, helped his child get into clean clothes. This is just a small gesture. But even for his kids Junaid and Ira, Aamir does a lot and loves them to the core.

3.Hrithik Roshan:

Every child sees a Superman in his dad and Hridaan and Hrehaan have actually got a SuperDad! The Krissh starrer, Indian Greek God, Hrithik Roshan is just the dad we all would die for. He does everything possible for his bundles of joys, be it cooking, dancing, playing, holidaying or any other activity, Papa Roshan is always by his kids’ side.

4.Amitabh Bachchan:


Shehenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan has always known to be a grand father and that we hear from Abhishek himself. He can be called the coolest dad, as still the Bachchan Father-Son Duo have a lot of fun together and simultaneously care for each other. Their Twitter fun is the testimony.

5.Abhishek Bachchan:


He is the most adorable father. And I say this because, he takes utmost care of his Bitya B, even if Aaradhya’s mother aint around. Always known to be superfun and protective, Abhishek, just wins hearts by his fatherly image.

6.Vivek Oberoi:

His son is his lucky charm, and Vivek surely cherishes him. No less than a Super caring father, Vivek loves Vivaan Veer Oberoi. Naming him such royally was too his idea. He does everything for the toddler, be it changing diapers to having fun with him.

7.Akshay Kumar:


Khiladi Kumar loves his kids so much that he doesn’t mind getting his son’s name tattooed on. With his lovely gestures, Akki wins hearts and his kids really love the things their dad does!

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