Bollywood Top Rain Songs

In Bollywood, emotion, glamour, sex appeal and oomph is very symbolic with few aspects – and rain songs falls on top of the list depicting the same.

The heroines for decades have tried to entice their leading men in those transparent wet sarees and foxy moves. The goodness of a society, the middle class joy, the rush to embrace unknown – all of these were also portrayed with welcoming the rain.

Though this trend is slumping slowly, we take a look at Bollywood top rain songs along with the leading women who sent shivers with a mere ‘drench’.


Pyaar hua iqraar hua, Shree 420 

The king of romance, Raj Kapoor, expresses love to his lady Nargis in this evergreen classic, still remembered for its simple depiction of love nothings between the couple in the pouring rain. The streets of Mumbai, Raj Kapoor’s hat, Nargis in a desi attire – simply cant be forgotten!


Ek Ladki Bheega Bhaagi Si, Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi 

Who can forget Kishore Kumar teasing Madhubala in a car garage, defining her beauty and irking her sweetly, This classic was an example for the gallantry of a woman in the most gentlemanly fashion by a man in the golden era.




Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein, Ajnabee 

Come 70’s and Retro had arrived in Indian Cinema with style. Rajesh Khanna and Zeenat have steamed up the silver screen with their hot chemistry, with or without rain involved. This song from Ajnabee, however has water adding up to the vibes of the duo.



Rimjhim Gire Saawan, Manzil

Tall Amitabh running around in the streets of Mumbai with the short Maushmi Chatterji simply showed the romance of the Indian Middle Class with a single song. The melody is unforgettable and so is the essence of the rain song in Manzil.



Aaj Rapat Jaayen, Namak Halal

Now coming to the X factor – Smita Patil and Big B just heated up things with plain dance moves in this 70’s superhit song from Namak Halal. The song is still a hit with the masses who love old songs.




Lagi Aaj Saawan, Chandni

Sridevi and her chiffon sarees in Yash Raj films have ruled the public for more reasons than one. This song from the blockbuster movie of 80’s saw Sri go all wet and sassy.



Tip Tip Barsa, Mohra

Easily one of the best rain songs in the history of Indian Cinema, Raveena shed down her ‘good girl’ image and went all ‘raunchy’ with Tip Tip. Her sizzling chemistry with Akki left everyone with bated breaths.



Jo Haal Dil Ka, Sarfarosh

The sexiest number showing Sonali Bendre in her hottest avatar, nobody bothered about the height parity between her and Aamir. In sarfarosh, the two looked charming, vivacious and adorable.



Koi Ladki Hai, Dil To Pagal Hain

SRK and Madhuri dancing in the rain with a bunch of kids turned out to be a superhit song in the early 2000, when Dil To pagal Hain broke all the records at Box Office. The crowd went ‘Chak Dhoom Dhoom” with this rain song that showed sheer innocence.




Geela Geela Paani, Satya

RGV managed to retain that ‘human’ element while dealing and making films based on gangsters. Urmila’s timid and pure character in the underworld tale Satya touched the pulse of Mumbai middle class – hands down. The pretty lady jumping on the puddles of Mumbai streets and enjoying the downpour – undeniably one of the best.


Taal se Taal, Taal

Then came the era called Aishwarya Rai – this song from Taal remind us of Ash in her early days and her power packed performance. A R Rahman’s compelling music does complete justice to this melodious rain track.



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