Bollywood taking Mahesh Babu’s help!

Mahesh Babu and Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor and Mahesh Babu are linked through the flick “Okkadu”. Mahesh Babu achieved huge success with this venture in Tollywood and Arjun Kapoor is remaking it in Bollywood with Taj Mahal as the main attraction. It was Charminar for Mahesh Babu’s “Okkadu”.

Speaking on this, Arjun Kapoor mentioned that he has been in contact with Mahesh since he started this project. Arjun stated that Mahesh is a friendly person and will give prompt feedback on the trailers and the changes in concept of the story.

It seems that Mahesh is helping this Bollywood flick to get the best output. Arjun mentioned that Mahesh appreciated his interest to choose “Okkadu” remake flick. Even though Mahesh didn’t enter Bollywood, he has been helping Bollywood to film a beautiful venture.

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