Bollywood Stars who went to Hollywood

East meeting the West has always been a fascinating aspect for both the Worlds – be it the commoners or the celebrities, the presence of one in another brings out a special feeling. IIFA 2014 which was held recently at Tampa Bay saw our Bollywood stars shaking a leg with the Hollywood top notch like John Travolta and Kevin Spacey. While the Lungi Dance officially gained a Global status, we need to oblige some true Bollywood talents who went places all over the World.

We look at some of the top Bollywood stars who made it to Hollywood and spread their magnificent persona with their sheer presence, not to forget those rolling of ‘R’s.

Om Puri


Perhaps he was one of the firsts from the Country to have appeared in Hollywood films, way before the West even noticed India for its exceptional talent. Om Puri stood out as a shining example not only to his peers and young aspirants in India, but also few young actors in LA who were blown away with his performances in films like City of Joy, My Son The Fanatic, East is East, Wolf, Ghost and the Darkness and Charlie Wilson’s War. Om Puri starred along with some top names in Hollywood.

Naseeruddin Shah


Another veteran cut away from the rest, Naseeruddin Shah appeared in the International scenario as early as the 70’s, when the current Hollywood heart throbs were still in their diapers. That was not all; Shah also won Awards at the Global arena for his gripping acting. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, The Monsoon Wedding and The Great New wonderful are some of the noted Hollywood films where Naseer played memorable roles. He is also the recipient of the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan civilian awards from the Government of India for his contribution to Indian Cinema.

Amitabh Bachchan

Big B-Hollywood

Even Hollywood could not deny the magic of megastar Amitabh Bachchan. A man who ruled the Bollywood marquee for over two decades starred with Leonardo Di Caprio in The Great Gatsby, making and impression of sorts. Big B still has a lot left to deliver to both the Indian and International Cinema.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


She is the first face of International Fashion in India. Ash is also the first of the actresses to enter into commercial Hollywood segment with her powerful looks, beauty and acting skills. The Bride and Prejudice, Provoked, The Pink Panther 2 and The Last Legion marked Aishwarya as a global face representing Bollywood on all counts. Her continued devotion to the Cannes Red Carpet is well known to the World.


Tabu played some remarkable roles in Hollywood films like The Namesake and Life of Pi. She walked away with accolades for her charismatic presence and performance on screen. She is also the recipient of Padma Shri Award by Government of India. Tabu can be magnificent on screen and should be considered ideal for more intense roles ahead in Hollywood.

Mallika Sherawat


Mallika has what it takes but nevertheless, her fake accent pulls her down. After starring along with Jackie Chan in The Myth, Mallika suddenly started acting like she was born in US of A. Some fake accent and hyped up Hollywood appearances later, she starred in Politics of Love and Hisss. Though Mallika continues to make a self-mockery of herself with élan, we pray that she gets to do something more with the space she currently is treading on!

Irrfan Khan


Another perfect talent exported to Hollywood, Irrfan Khan made a commendable impact with his acting in the films like Life of Pi, The Namesake, New York I Love You, A Mighty Heart, Slumdog Millionaire and The Amazing Spiderman. Irrfan has a long way to go, be it any cinema.

Anupam Kher


From playing a stern dad in The Bend it Like Beckham to a shrink in Silver Linings Playbook, Anupam Kher is officially the Bollywood face of Hollywood. His effortless ease switching to demographics and performing as per the standards form his niche. His screen presence is unfailing and ever effective, irrespective of what country or language.

Freida Pinto


Well, she was practically a nobody till somebody cast her in Danny Boyle’s The Slumdog Millionaire. Freida Pinto we believe just was lucky and not there because of talent. However, the lady sure is trying to turn the luck by chance into some gold. After starring in films like The Planet of The Apes and Immortals, the woman simply refuses to step down from the red carpets of LA!

Anil Kapoor

anil kapoor-Hollywood

Well, he is a surprise package alright. After playing the host of the show in The Slumdog Millionaire and a playboy in MI The Ghost Protocol, Anil Kapoor is suddenly the toast of the West. We, however hope that Anil chooses far better roles from hereon than playing silly roles that involve reaching out to a woman’s backside in a Tom Cruise film.

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