Bollywood Stars EID Celebrations

Bollywood has always had grand affairs when it comes to celebrating any festival. And with EID round the corner, things are sure to get grander. The festival of Ramzaan ends with EID and EID parties, Bollywood style are much anticipated ones. This year there are many parties lined up and we are certain you’ll be sure how your favorite celebrities will celebrate EID.

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Find out, how your favorite celebrities are celebrating EID this year!

Salman Khan:


Salman’s EID gift to his fans in terms of ‘Kick’ has been highly appreciated and in return, Salman has got a huge blockbustering hit. Also this year, calls for celebrations as Salman had an EID release after two years. Also we hear that the Superstar is too keen to throw the success bash on EID day, doubling the reason to celebrate. Being Human is after an inherent Salman Khan trait. After performing namaz with family, Salman will play host to friends and family at his place, adding more glamor and grandeur to the EID celebrations. About the guest list? We don’t even wanna get started. What we surely know is there will be almost whole of tinselville and Khan’s close friends.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor:


We hear that the Nawabs are very pious and they observe rozas and perform namaz regularly in the month of Ramzaan. Also, it calls in for a family reunion, and also they celebrate EID with people of Bhopal. The Royals celebrate EID in Royal style and their EIDs are eyeball grabbing affairs.

Zareena Wahab and Aditya Pancholi:


Actor Aditya Pancholi, celebrates EID in full fervor with wife Zarina Wahab. EID has always been celebrated at the Pancholis and their EID parties are known for delicious food, and amazing hospitality. A star-studded affair, their EIDs is more about bonding over parties.

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We hear there are also EID parties from Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan lined up, but the confirmations haven’t flown in yet! EID celebrations mark the end of the auspicious month of Ramzaan, and our celebrities love spreading the happiness all around by their grand EID parties!

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