Bollywood Celebs Caught With Love Bites

Bollywood celebrities have been in the news for multiple kinds of controversies-be it wardrobe malfunctions, embarrassing moments, wrongly clicked pictures or some link-up stories.
Chitramala has compiled something very unusual for its viewers! We put together few photos that we came across of Bollywood celebrities having marks or rather ‘love bites’ on their body. Brace yourselves for a naughty affair ahead!
Read on..

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena’s love bite story had set tongues wagging in the industry!

kareena's love bite

The actress was spotted with a bright red love bite peeping out from her back-revealing white gown. Bebo was spotted with love bites on her body! In fact, a few nail marks too were seen through the waistline that undoubtedly made this an even naughtier affair! Doesn’t take much to guess what our Bebo was up to!

Ooohh. Our celebs, I say. Always tapping unknown genres! ;)

Saif Ali Khan

Soon after Kareena was spotted with red marks on her back, it was Saif Ali Khan’s turn to hog the limelight with love bites on his neck.

saif love bite

Mumbai Mirror’s cameraman spotted Saif’s mark on the neck while he was changing his costume during the shoot of a dance reality show ‘Yeh Hai Jalwa’.
Wasn’t it buzzworthy? It sure was!
Kareena and Saif later tied the knot in court, followed by a traditional Muslim wedding with a lavish reception in Pataudi.

The Nawabi couple sure was upto non-‘Nawabi’ stuff before marriage,eh? ;)
“Wowwww!” (in Saif’s low-pitched, thin voice)

Deepika Padukone

Next on our list is the beautiful and vivacious diva, Deepika Padukone.

deepika love bite

She was spotted with marks on her neck during the time when she was close to Ranbir Kapoor.
Deepika’s marks were captured by the shutter bugs during many events.
Deepika also walked the ramp with the very-visible love bite. There were reports in the media about this love bite which was visible on her neck and was simply refusing to fade.
After the incident, she was off to London for the shooting of Sajid Nadiadwala’s ‘Housefull’, which also happened to be her first full-fledged comedy film.

Shah Rukh Khan

Unlike others who chose to remain silent about their ‘love bites’, the King Khan of Bollywood very much flaunted his love bite in public!

srk love bite

Reports suggest that SRK was spotted at the Mumbai airport and what took everyone by surprise was a visible red mark on SRK’s neck which was probably a love bite.
SRK was caught by the shutterbugs at the airport while he was leaving for Dubai for the shoot of his next, ‘Happy New Year’.

Priyanka Chopra

While the media spotted SRK sporting a red mark on his neck, Priyanka Chopra, his Don co-actor was also spotted with some marks on her neck a few months later.

priyanka's love bite

Well, we guessed it was a love bite. This might irk the celebrity but the shutterbugs are always in search of such moments.
Pee Cee was seen with the mark at the airport when she was leaving to shoot the music video of her next single, “I can’t make you love me!”.
Though she did not interact with anyone, she seemed quite open about it.

First it was her singing stint, and now this! Pee Cee is surely venturing into newer territories!

Katrina Kaif

Well, this firang lady was is the recent most entrant to this list.

katrina kaif love bite

Katrina was spotted roaming with an unusual mark behind her ears, closer to the nape. A local tabloid camera person caught her mark. Well we do not want to dissect the matter and comment on anything further as the mark says it all.
While Kareena flaunted red marks on her back, Katrina was very secretive about hers and never spoke about it to the media.

Well someone is really machaoing ‘Dhoom’ eh? ;)

Salman Khan

Salman Khan was caught many times in a such situation where shutterbugs have zoomed on him, searching for some marks on his body.

salman love bite

Salman Khan is perhaps someone who has been spotted with love-bites the most! In many situations, when shutterbugs zoomed in on him, they found mysterious marks on his body.
Once, it was a bite on his lips while on the other occassion it was a mark behind his neck which was smartly covered by his shirt’s collar. The mark only pointed that there was someone special in Salman’s life.
Now the question arises who is that undisclosed lady who has given him the love bite?

His infamous ‘Virgin’ quote on ‘Koffee with Karan’ now asks for a probe! Ahem. Jai ho!

We would advice only one thing to these celebrities, “Don’t hide the hickey!”

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