Bollywood actress comments on sleeping with South Indian director!

Surveen Chawla Asked to Sleep with Director

Bollywood beauty queen Surveen Chawla mentioned a strange incident which she encountered in South India. Speaking on her career, she mentioned that she came across a tough situation in the South. It seems that a director made his agency person to ask about sleeping with him.

Surveen Chawla, who was against this sort of activities, strongly mentioned that it is not correct to force her in this aspect which stopped the discussion in moving forward, at that time. Now, Surveen is a bold actress in Bollywood and she mentioned that she faced this sort of situation in her past career.

Even though, she didn’t reveal the name of the director, Surveen stated that she faced this sort of situation in South India. Reacting on Bollywood, she told media that she didn’t face such situation till date in that industry.

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