Bollywood Actor Says He Suggested The Title Avatar To James Cameron

It may find shocking or funny but popular Bollywood actor Govinda has recently stated that he was offered a role in James Cameron’s visual wonder Avatar. He also said that he was the one who suggested the title Avatar to Cameron. Govinda made these statements in a television show.

Govinda About Avatar
Govinda About Avatar

He said, “I gave the title of the film. I told that the film would do really well and it proved to be the same. I also told Cameron that I rejected the film as it would take at least seven years in making. At first, he denied that but at the end the film almost took seven years in making.”

These shocking statements of Govinda are currently trending all over the internet and netizens have started making trolls on it already. Meanwhile, Avatar, which has been the highest-grossing film for almost a decade, was recently dethroned by Avengers: End Game

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