Bollywood 2014: Worst Films of the year

Every year Bollywood churns out some hits and misses. There are good films, then there are bad films and then there are really bad films that make you question upon your sanity. 2014 has been such a year. We bring you the worst of the worst movies in Bollywood.

1.Desi Kattey:

Desi Kattey Movie Poster

I cant even begin to sum down the torture this film can give you. Imagine a very stupid movie, supported by some seriously bad acting, with hideous songs making you crib why were such movies made.

2.Raja Natwarlal:


“Teri raah dekhe mere hoontho ke namak pare”. You hear this song and you exclaim to the Almighty, why were you even bearing the movie for the duration. Any sane person would have walked away breaking down and sobbing.

3.Super Nani:

Super Nani Movie Poster

Super Nani is that film which will shake your faith in Legendary actress Rekha’s choice of films. She is such a fine actor, I just want to personally ask her, what led to her signing the film? I have seriously wondered about that! No kidding!

4.The Xpose:

X Pose Movie Poster

If that cast of the film doesn’t make you gape in shock, then surely the pathetic dialogues will. I am not even going to talk about the songs. It is one horrid dream,which one would like to forget asap.

5.Action Jackson:

Action Jackson Movie Poster

Seeing Ajay Devgn stoop to that level, literally shatters one’s heart. The acting caliber of Ajay was totally gone to waste and the whole camaraderie was a sheer disappointment. Highly disappointing rather!


Yaariyan Movie Poster

The excruciating pain cannot be summed up in words. The pathetic acting, plot and everything is just a horrible experience. I would personally sign up to go to Hitler’s Concentration Camp but not watch such movies.

7.Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya:

Bulwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya Movie Poster

From the trailer to the final movie, you are left zapped as to what is actually happening. Your senses might just give up and stop functioning after the torment.


Zid Movie Poster

What was Mannara alias Barbie Handa doing in the whole movie? Someone please just inject some acting cells in the whole cast. What was it all about? I guess even Google is trying to find.

9.Hate Story 2:

Hate Story 2 Movie Poster

While Hate Story was a sleeper success, Hate Story 2 was a sleeper film. It puts you to sound sleep. They tried to tell a brave story, but didn’t give prior warning that in order to watch such films; you have to be a brave-heart too. Frankly speaking, I have a feeble one!


Humshakals Movie Poster

Everyone who watched it just wanted to run out of the theatres screaming and letting everyone know about the pain they just endured. It is highly upsetting flick, as it upsets your mental balance.


Entertainment Movie Poster

The dog-gifted film was a mass entertainer but like seriously was a bland film with no comedy. And it was supposedly a comedy caper. The end of the film will make you see how Bollywood pours in every freaking possibility of emotional attyachar, which surprisingly even works on Dogs. *Salute*

12.Ragini MMS 2:

Ragini MMS 2 Movie Poster

The only ‘hit’ thing about the movie is the song, “BabyDoll”! Other than that the movie just spells bad in every possible way. The makers tried so hard to run the show on Sunny Leone’s shoulders. But then again it failed to make a mark! Oh Well, it did make. A Bad Mark!

Apart from all this, valiant souls have also endured films like, Creature 3D, Bewakoofiyan, Dishkiyaoon, O Teri, Gunday, The Shaukeens, Fugly, Jai Ho, Roar, Heartless, Kaanchi, Karle Pyaar Karle, Ungli, and many more.

But I would like to give a special mention to a film called Ebn-E-Batuta. I really want to meet those really daring souls, who have risked their lives while watching such horrendous looking film.

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