Bollywood 2014: Most Wacky Lyrics

Namak Paare Song Lyrics

Gone are the days when the lyrics of the songs were in sync with the melody and made us awe the work of the lyricist. But as days tick by, the weirdness of Bollywood songs, makes us question, laugh, cry and feel too many emotions at the same time. All these emotions were in rhetorical reference though!

When you thought Saree Ke Fall sa or Ishq Kamina or Paan mein pudina were a part of Bollywood Lyrics, then in 2014 we take the bizarreness a step further. You might wanna hold on tight, as what is about to hit your eyes may leave them impaired (not to forget if it has already hit your ears).

1.Namak Paare from Raja Natwarlal

If the song has the hook as, “Teri raah dekhe, mere hontho ke namak pare”, you can’t help but wonder what more can this song contain.

2.Ishq Kutta from The Shaukeens

Comparing men to dogs has been an age-old saga, but Bollywood has come down to comparing Ishq to Kutta. Yes! Akki sings in The Shaukeens, “Kutta hai Kutta hai, Ishq kutta hai”. What do the dogs have to say about this? It has got me thinking.

3.Sunny Sunny from Yaariyan

“Aaj Blue hain paani paani, aur din bhi sunny sunny. Aajao on the beach yaar, photo meri kich, ,phooti kismat hogi teri, Gar tune ye baat na maani” Like just wow! We didn’t know the blue paani and din sunny funda ever before! *poker face*

4.Palang Tod from Holiday

“Yeh nain cutter naina, aur cheese butter baatein
Mera half churaya dil, ab half kidhar baatein
Yeh teer figure tera, hai paar jigar mere
Jab loot gayi subah, toh raat kidhar kaatein (x2)
Yeh palang tod hain, palang tod hain
Palang tod raatein (x4)”

No comments!

5.Ice Cream Khaaungi from The Xpose

While anything and everything about the film was a torture, you might take a look at the horrendous song’s lyrics.
“Ice cream khaaungi, Kashmir jaaungi, sholo mein bhadke jiya”.
Need I say anything else?

6.Keeda from Action Jackson

Himesh does it again! “Tumse milne ka keeda andar hai, dating karle tu open calendar hai. Som, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani, Ravi , Aaja meri gali, aaja meri gali”.
I am tongue-tied.

7.Caller Tune from Humshakals

While the film has received a lot of flake, the film’s music isn’t far behind from receiving some more. I just have this one question. Who on this face of Earth would want to be someone’s caller tune?

“Mujhe apni bana le caller tune soniye
Everytime I see you
I’m over the moon soniye
Tujhe chahun summer, winter, monsoon, soniye!”

8.Fugly Fugly from Fugly

“Yeh Fugly Fugly Kya Hai ?
Yeh Fugly Fugly…
(F.Ugly means Fuckin’ Ugly)

Baap ke paison pe koodna
Sadak ke kone pe mootna
377 hatna ya Jessica Lal ki ghatna
Launde ke munh se ouch
Ya har daftar mein couch
Likhna Lal Qile pe love you
Abey phir se likhega toh.. bhishum”

I am at loss for words.

9.Piya Ke bazaar mein from Humshakals

Just when you were stuck at ‘Piya ke bazaar mein” line, the song further will leave you dumbfounded!
“Scooty se nahi toh car se aa ja, saat samundar paar se aa ja
Dil ye pukaare tu pyaar se aaja, aaja re aaja re aa..”

10.Meri Jawani Sode ki botal from Spark

“Meri jawani
sode ki botal
Mila de whisky mein, pee ja tu botal

Dear Mother Earth, please swallow me!

P.S These are not ranked in anyway, as I really had a tough time picking what order should I have them in. Hence I settled for random placing. You may, as per your liking, rank them. Feel free to do so!

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