Bolly Critic KRK To Run Nude In AP & Telangana

It came as a surprise when the makers of Sardaar Gabbar Singh decided to release the film in Hindi version. But the main strength behind this is Eros International. The corporate production house which is trying to explore each and every possibility to show upper hand in film production in regional languages wanted Sardaar to go big. Since then the entire film unit has taken it prestigiously. Pawan Kalyan even interacted with Bollywood media couple of times as part of the promotions. But there is one Bollywood critic who is doing negative propaganda on the film and the actor. He is KRK. Surprisingly, he came up with a series of tweets last night telling that he would run nude in AP and Telangana is Sardaar gets more than 10 people in theatres.

KRK Nude
KRK Nude

“If Prabhas is Salman Khan of Bollywood so Pawan Kalyan is Ayushman Khurana for Hindi audience, even Kattappa is much bigger star than Pawan Kalyan. If Pawan Kalyan (look a like Rajpal Yadav) will give free ticket+transport+cold drink n popcorn, still we ppl will not go to watch his film. If I get news about more then 10 ppl in any theatre for Pawan Kalyan film then I will run nude for 2 days n 2 nights in Andhra n Telangana.” KRK tweeted. He has interrupted the series of RGV tweets and added, “Mr. RGVzoomin forget PK fans, you ask Pawan Kalyan himself to come in Mumbai n say one word against me n then see. It’s my territory Boss. If you RGVzoomin remember, I came to know about Pawan Kalyan n his film by your tweets only, otherwise I never ever hear his name also. Mr RGVzoomin tday ppl know abut Pawan Kalyan n his film in Hindi territory only coz of my tweets n your tweets, otherwise nobody knows him. Me The No.1 critic has made Pawan Kalyan famous in Hindi territory otherwise our Maha flop actor Rajkumar Yadav is much bigger star than him.” the Bollywood critic has posted on twiiter.

On the other side, the advance bookings for the Hindi version is also decent. The makers have released couple of interesting promos this afternoon. The film is all set for a grand release on friday.

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