Most boldest beauty after Samantha in Tollywood

Several actresses were there in Tollywood and majority of them are not interested in extreme skin show. Previously, Genelia impressed audience with action and cuteness rather than glamour and exposing. Even Kajal too didn’t go for bikini show in the industry. Lead actresses like Anushka and Tamanna too felt uninterested in bikinis.


Samantha is the one who took the bold step of impressing audience in bikini. After Samantha, “Who will be next boldest queen in Tollywood?” turned out to be the point. There are 2 names in this aspect and any one of them may attempt the bikini dare. Shruthi Hassan is a bold beauty in South India while Samantha’s close competitor Hansika is the other belle.

Shruti Hassan has high probability to go for bikini as she has no objection for skin show. Previously she even posed to top magazines in skimpy outfits. On the other hand, Hansika is keen on grabbing Tollywood’s attention. She even raised her glamour for “Power”. In fact, she is the reason for “A” rating for that flick. Hence, this beauty too has the chance to appear in bikini.

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