Bodyguard Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

It is
too darn unoriginal even for a Telugu film.

Venkatadri (Victory Venkatesh) is forever indebted to Peddayya (Prakash Raj) for saving him and his family from a car crash. Years pass and the kid who had been saved grows to be an angry fellow who cannot stick to one job. So, his uncle decides to send him as a bodyguard for Peddayya in the hope of setting him right. But, it is the man’s daughter (Trisha playing Keerthi) who is in need of a protection. So Venky ends up going to college with Keerthi to keep her safe from the threat of goons who appear now and then for poorly scripted reasons.

But, Keerthi’s not really comfortable with the safari suited Venky always by her side. When all her plans to keep him away fail, she tries to distract him by calling in as a mystery girl who’s in love with him. They actually fall in love with each other for reasons unimportant and they are few twists in the end which shouldn’t really matter because by then the film declares itself to be intolerable.

Bearable parts
These were very few, a few halves of minutes here and there. A scene where Venky and Ali dress up as women to find the girl was probably the only thing I can recall instantly.

Highly unoriginal
The only original add-ons to the adapted screenplaywere the usual extremes of Telugu cinema such as cars flying around for no reason and fights which defy the already screwed up laws of ‘Telugu gravity’.

The actors’ part
One for humour, one for seriousness and one with the moist eyes. Venky sticks to this usual set of his and goes by without the least bit of bother of how ghastly this looks on 70mm.
A car’s blown to pieces as Venky saves Prakash Raj and Trisha just in time. They were supposed to fall away because of the proximity; Trisha was smiling in this shot. That’s how much we care about getting it right.

A dragging bore from frame one. You don’t want to ruin your festival with this one.

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