Blue films – Real reason behind murder case of actress Shruti!


Kannada actress Shruti’s case turned a new turn now. It is known that this lady has murdered her husband few months back and she was caught recently by the Police department. Initially, it was stated that this lady murdered her husband Peter for the sake of money.

At that time, it was believed that Shruti joined hands with another person to murder her husband Peter. After completion of the task, this team decided to keep everything under secret and buried the body in a secret location. Now as she was caught by the Police, interesting facts came out to the media.

She mentioned that Peter insisted her to act in blue films and she stated that she was not able to tolerate the words of Peter in this aspect. Hence, she decided to go for the murder. Police department is still investigating on the truth in this aspect and in few days, several aspects are yet to hit the media.

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