Black Money Telugu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Black Money
Movie Cast Mohanlal, Amala Paul
Director Joshiy
Music Director Ratheesh Vegha
Production Company Syed Nizamuddin
Release Date April 21, 2017

If an actor is introduced into another language with a local made straight film, his films from his own language are released into that language where he is introduced in the form of dubbed movie. Mohanlal who is dearly called as Lalettan or the complete actor came into Telugu and become a known face with NTR starrer Janatha Garage and his own direct Telugu film “Manamantha”. After that many movies of his from Malayalam is dubbed and released into Telugu language constantly like Kanupapa and now Black Money which is a remake of Run Baby Run, which also has Amala Paul as female lead. It was a good hit when it released in Malayalam which was directed by Joshiy. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing today in theatres.


Mohanlal and Amala Paul in Black Money
Mohanlal and Amala Paul in Black Money

Venu (Mohanlal) is a renowned journalist and cameraman working with a news channel. Even though he graduated from a film institute, he likes to shoot visuals for news than some movies and ge goes by his passion and creates some name for himself. He is given an operation where he need to shoot visuals of a politician and his wrong doings in which he comes across Renuka (Amala Paul), his partner in the operation. They both work very hard to make the operation success. But something happens in the operation which attaches many problems to Venu. How he solved all his problems is the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance
Mohanlal is fantastic in his role as Venu and he lived upto his title the complete actor. He is someone who never goes over board or doesn’t make any character look fake. He is equally good in action sequences and did his part with the utmost excellency. Amala Paul is good as Renuka and but when there is Mohanlal in movie, no other characters can be felt as he overshadows all others with his performance. Biju Menon is good and Sai Kumar is nice. All other malayalam actors who are unknown to our Telugu audience are good to the extent of their roles.

Writing Department
Story of Black money – anni kotha notle is good and screenplay is okay. Dialogues are okay.

Technical Departments
Songs composed by Ratheesh Vega and are lost in translation of lyrics. Bad lyrics made them bad songs. Background score is fine but loud and irritates audience many times. Cinematography by RD Rajasekhar is good and he rendered some nice visuals which suit the mood and tone of the film. Editing by Shyam Sasidharan is okay. Action sequences are well composed and shot. Production values are apt.

Mohanlal as Venu

Loud background score
Dragged screenplay

Movie begins with Mohanlal and is fully based on Mohanlal and he carries it with utmost sincerity and full perfection. Movie begins and runs in an interesting pace and engages audience well throughout the first half. Interval scene is very much interesting and creates a correct base for the solid second half which everyone expects. But the screenplay loses it control and seems dragged with lot of Malayalam flavour which our Telugu audience find difficult to connect and this makes the second half a passable and not so interesting half. Run baby run which was a super hit in malayalam which was released almost 5 years back is not relevant to Telugu and it’s just released in Telugu to encash Mohanlal’s familiar face and demonetisation with a tag anni kotha notle. If not for Mohanlal, this movie couldn’t have released in Telugu and it really disappoints if someone expects a nice time watching it. To sum up, Black money is a passable movie and can be watched in YouTube or tv when aired.

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