Black Couple Give Birth To White Girl

The couple, Benjamin and Angela Ihegboro, together have done what the whole medical profession has been shocked about. The black couple who are Nigerian in origin have given birth to a white baby girl, with blue eyes and blond hair.

The baby girl is named, Nmachi, had puzzled the genetic experts all over, on why does she look completely different from her parents. The couple already have two healthy black children before Nmachi, but this incident made even the father think, as if it were a flip.

The mother Angela stated, that after she was born, they both sat together and stared at the child, and she felt that she is a very beautiful child, a miracle baby indeed. Reporters jokingly asked the father whether she is actually their child, he was reluctant and stated that yes she is their own child. And even if his wife was not faithful, she would have not looked the way she is.

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