BJP – Congress – Pawan Kalyan – New equation in Telengana!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is a supporter of BJP while he is the No.1 opposition for Congress in united Andhra Pradesh. Even though Pawan is anti towards Congress, he likes Congress leader Jagga Reddy. Recently, Jagga Reddy changed his side from Congress to BJP.


It seems that Pawan Kalyan played vital role in this aspect. Buzz is in the media that Pawan Kalyan helped Jagga Reddy to enter BJP from Congress. Adding to this, Pawan is expected to enter Telengana zone through Medhak by polls promotion. BJP is taking this elections quite seriously and Pawan Kalyan too got signals from Modi regarding this aspect.

Amit Shah met Pawan few days back in Hyderabad. Sources were saying that Amit Shah requested Pawan to help BJP win Medhak in the upcoming elections. Buzz is on progress that Pawan is crushing Congress in Telengana by exuding top level politicians and is powering up BJP by pushing them into this top party. This new equation on Pawan in Telengana may help BJP to win the upcoming elections.

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