Bitter Experience to actress Nivedita in Train

Noted Marathi cinema actress Nivedita Saraf had reportedly had a harrowing experience with rats when she recently travelled on a train.

Nivedita Saraf
Nivedita Saraf

The actress, who was traveling in an first class air-conditioned compartment in Latur Express, woke up in the morning and find a rat had chewed off her handbag. As she was sleeping with her head on the bag, Nivedita felt lucky as the rat could have chewed off her head or face or hair.

She immediately tweeted about the horrific incident to Indian Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu saying, “22 Sept Latur Express A1 27 rat did this to my bag while I was sleeping. bag was near my head. horrible @RailMinIndia @sureshpprabhu”. She also shared a photo of her ruined purse.

The Railway Minister did not reply to Nivedita’s tweet, but she got a call from the railway authorities to apologize.

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