Bipasha’s bikini class to the media

Bollywood’s hot babe Bipasha Basu came out to be the media and stated that she doesn’t have any objection to flaunt her beauty in bikini. Bipasha Basu stated that she has very good figure and people admire her beauty all the time. Her physic too suits 2 piece bikini style and hence she stated that she is ready for the glamour show.


Previously, Bipasha went for skimpy outfits and now she is ready to show her beauty once again to the audience. Taking a class to the media, Bipasha stated that all the heroines who are fit and beautiful can wear bikinis. It is their physic and their beauty that works as the deciding factor.

With this bold statement from Bipasha Basu, Bollywood beauty queen may come up with more bikinis in future. It is a fact that the heroines who went to Bollywood from Tollywood, increased their glamour quotient there. Few of them even donned bikinis on the big screen.

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