Bipasha to give voice over for Horror Serial

Bipasha Basu Voiceover to Horror Serial
Bipasha Basu Voiceover to Horror Serial

Bollywood hottie Bipasha Basu is ranked among the actresses who have great toned body, in Bollywood. Despite she is not a top actress she is still the hottest actress in Bollywood. At the age of 35, she impressed with her raw s*x appeal in her latest horror film, ‘Alone’.

Despite the film was a flop, audience could not stop but notice her ultra hot body. With horror films like ‘Raaz’, ‘Raaz 3’, ‘Creature’, ‘Aatma’, ‘Alone’ in her kitty, she is the hot favorite actress for horror and erotic thriller subjects. Since she doesn’t have many films in hand, she has shifted her attention to small screen it seems.

Soon her voiceover will be experienced in a horror serial ‘Darr Sabko Lagta Hai’. If the serial succeeds, she might appear in one or two episodes, as well.

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