Bipasha Basu’s glamour secret revealed!

Bollywood beauty Bipasha Basu revealed her glamour secret to all her fans. She stated that she leads a happy life and hence she is healthy. It is known that she had a breakup with John Abraham in the past and the actor decided to marry someone else.


Bipasha looked like she is least bothered about that aspect in the present times. She is concentrating on her career and is trying to move ahead in life with film career. She stated that she used to feel quite tensed few months back as her sister’s career was not yet stabilized. She mentioned that her sister is now happy with her journalist job and hence Bipasha is now a free bird.

No tension and good healthy habits are stated to be the reason for the good health and the glamour of Bipasha Basu. She has not given good clarity on her marriage, but, this beauty is expected to say something about her marriage in the next few months.

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