Bipasha Basu is very positive about Creature 3D!

The Super-Hot and extremely sexy Bipasha Basu is very busy promoting her upcoming film Vikram Bhatt’s Creature 3D, and the lady is extremely positive about the film. After having watched the movie, Bipasha feels that the movie is a first of its kind and they have managed to pull off a great product.


“I have watched the film and I can say that the film is Indian in its sensibilities but when it comes to shooting and animation, we have done it without any foreign assistance and it took eleven months of Post-Production work to create the Creature. Every bit, every speck, every scale, his teeth, the way he looks, the sounds he makes, all are done here in India, without any VFX used by foreign assistance”.

Ask her about the film and its creature, she elatedly speaks that “the Creature is drawn from Indian Mythology and is a BramaRaksash. They exist in our Mythology and in Southern India they are even worshipped as Demi-Gods. We didn’t want to make it a genetic mutated creature as that would have involved a lot more reasoning to make it convincing. So we took something from our Mythology itself”.

She loves the way it has shaped up and recommends, “the last forty-five minutes are unstoppable and real fun. You will definitely like the film and it is for all the masses”.

Well! We sure feel the same way and are waiting for its release. Creature releases on September 12th, 2014.

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