Bipasha Basu harassed

She is one of the hottest ladies in bollywood. But, this title comes with its own share of troubles.

Recently, Bipasha Basu had to pay the price for being the hottest diva in town. Reports are that at a recent awards ceremony.

Bipasha Basu was at the receiving end of some sexist comments. The crowd gathered to witness.

The awards ceremony went out of control and started using indecent language to get the actresses’ attention.

When the crowd began to use words like Bipasha, ‘Beedi Jalaly Le’ and ‘Item Girl’, the actress decided to walk out of the venue much to the surprise of the organizers.

An irate Bipasha stormed out of the ceremony making it clear that she was not going to bear with all the non-sense from the unruly crowd.

Finally, the awards were given away by the organizers themselves leaving the affair mired in unnecessary controversy.

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