A biopic on Anna Hazare

Anna Hazare, also known as ‘the India’s new Gandhi’ was well worshipped for his path breaking anti-corruption activities in the recent times. Anna created a significant impact on the current generation to question the prevailing corruption in the economy, making most of the youth turn his followers. The Anna Hazare movement had become a revolution in itself, repeating the magic of ‘Gandhism’ in the pre independence era.


The story of this great man is all set to be transcended on screen as a biopic. Bollywood director Shashank Udaprukar confirmed the news saying that he has full consent of Hazare to go ahead and make the film.

“It took me long to complete the script on Anna. I had drafted seven scripts before finalizing it, since it is a mammoth task to present 75 years of his life in a two and half hour film” said Shashank while talking to PTI.

The Marathi actor turned director had not yet revealed as to who will be playing the coveted role on screen. The project has been planned with some really good intentions.

“I want the film to inspire not only Indians but also people from all over the world. I want them to know how a man hailing from a small village could become a national hero with ethics, simplicity as well as love for country and the mankind” the young director shared.

Biopics are not new to Shashank. He had earlier directed a biopic on Shivaji Maharaj’s son Sambhaji Raje in Marathi, which is about to release.

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