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What it’s all about?


Billa is on of the most eagerly waited film in recent times. The film has been made on the prestigious Gopikrishna Movies banner of Krishnam Raju. Billa is a film that has adequate entertainment values and high voltage glamour in the form of Anushka and Namitha. Billa is a remake and the story is familiar to most people.

It is the high voltage performance of Prabhas, dignified performance of Krishnam Raju and the stylish presentation by Mehar Ramesh that all add up to a decent entertainer.  

The plot:

Billa is an international gangster who operates from Malaysia. He is assisted by his right hand man Supreet and his constant companion Lisa (Namitha). ACP Krishnamurthy (Krishnam Raju) is a sincere police officer who is engaged in the task of nabbing Billa and other top international arms dealers and putting an end to their arms deals. Maya (Anushka) infiltrates the gang of Billa with an intention of killing him.


But unfortunately Billa is killed in a shootout when Krishnamurthy is about to capture him. So Krishnamurthy with the help of Ali brings in a Billa, look-alike, Ranga (Prabhas) from Visakhapatnam and plants him in place of Billa.


Ranga acts as if he is suffering from memory loss and manages to convince his fellow gangsters that he is the real Billa. Ranga keeps passing on vital information of the activities and deals of the Billa gang to Krishnamurthy.


Maya (Anushka) enters Billa gang and her motive is to kill Billa as he has killed her brother Subbaraju and his lover Hansika Motwani. Just when everything is going according to plan, Krishnamurthy is killed. Ranga is now trapped in the gang of Billa as Billa. How he completes the unfinished task of Krishnamurthy and comes out safely forms the basis for the remaining part of the story in the film. 


The actors:


Prabhas plays a dual role in the film and he does complete justice to both the roles. Prabhas has matured a lot as an actor and Billa should now put him firmly in the top league. Krishnam Raju is impressive in his role as a tough and hardworking ACP. However in some close shots, Krishnam Raju looks very old. Namitha sizzles in her role and so does Anushka. They both compete with each other in glamour show and give the audience a big treat with their skin show.


Namitha and Anushka also appears a couple of times in bikini. Hansika Motwani’s item number is okay. Jaya Sudha, Ali and Kelly Dorjee’s roles are very short.

Prabhas dances well in a song while Namitha and Anushka sizzle in the song sequence.


The bottom line:


Billa has been made with a lavish budget and the foreign locales add grandeur to the film. There is noting much in the story but director Mehar Ramesh manages to pack it in a stylish manner.  The film is high on style and low on substance. But it is more than made up by the four leading actors, Prabhas, Krishnam Raju, Anushka and Namitha with their impressive performance.


 is high on style bit low on substance.


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