Bill Clinton Turns Down ’30 Rock’ Cameo

Bill Clinton will not be back on the TV screens any time soon as the former US President’s advisers have turned down a cameo role offered to him in the hit sitcom 30 Rock.

The Democrat’s advisers rejected the part, specially written for him by the show’s star and writer Tina Fey, reported New York Post.

The Emmy award winning actress wrote to Clinton’s representative Doug Band asking if the ex-politician would consider joining the cast of the hit TV show for the 100th episode, which is due to air next month.

But Clinton’s camp turned down the slot, and a spokesperson has now confirmed the former world leader wasn’t even told about the offer.

"The request was made and immediately denied without asking him," said the spokesperson.

The show has a great track record when it comes to cameos, including guest appearances by Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey and Calvin Klein.(PTI)


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