Bikini – Is this really a shortcut for success?

“Bikini”, the word itself creates interest among the Indian film followers, is now becoming common in Indian films. Few years back, Bikinis used to be the property of Hollywood film industry. In Indian film industry, heroines used to put restrictions on this garment.


But, with time, things changed in Indian film industry. Now, “Bikini” became a common aspect in all the regional film industries. Few beauties are wearing Bikinis but majority of them are not getting recognized. Hence, “Is this really a shortcut for success?” turned out to be the point. When top heroines go for Bikinis, film spectators are getting excited to watch the movie but this is not the case with average or small heroines.

In spite of increasing the glamour quotient with Bikini, small scale and medium scale heroines are not getting much recognition. Analysts finalized that, Bikinis are driving audience only when the story demands it. Only, the heroines who are wearing Bikini as per the story demand are getting success.

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