Bikini fever for senior heroines!!


South Indian senior heroines are now feeling that they should have tried wearing bikini during their heroine times. Now, as they have turned into aunts and moms in South India, they are feeling sad about their decisions in the past. Recently one Tollywood actress Sita stated that she is regretting about her decision of avoid bikini during her actress days.

Looks like, these senior heroines got triggered seeing the bikini of Samantha. Even though, Samantha need not don bikini as per her craze, she went for it just to make sure that her career has everything embedded in it. After few years, Samantha can recall her past and can feel happy that she tried all sorts of things a heroine should try in the industry.

Seeing the guts and the intelligence of Samantha, senior actresses like Sita are regretting their past for not trying all the angle which are there for heroine characters. Sita mentioned that she was not able to wear even tight fits as they are not too much encouraged in those days. If she goes back to that span, she may surely try bikini.

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