Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 – Mahat Leaves Yashika In Tears

The season 2 of Bigg Boss in Tamil is also receiving well like the Telugu show. One pair who have gone viral after entering the show is Yashika and Mahat Raghavendra. Harish Kalyan and Raiza Vilson who have come to the show as guests brought clarity on the relationship between the pair. They have actually come there for the promotions of their movie Pyar Prema Kaadhal.

Mahat and Yashika
Mahat and Yashika

Both Harish and Raiza questioned them about their relationship and said that it would be awesome if their relationship is more than friendship. All the contestants too expressed a similar opinion but Mahat found it wrong. With this, Yashika broke down into the tears. Kamal Haasan asked the same when he is back on the show during the weekend.

When Mahat was questioned about the same, he could not pick the words to explain the same. Mahat said that he was already in a relationship and told that his girlfriend would be waiting for him. Yashika, on the other side, confessed that she fell in love with him but added that she could understand his situation now.

Kamal Haasan appreciated Yashika for this and told that she should be strong. The episode of the same is currently trending on the social media.

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