Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 Issues Sorted Out

We have recently reported that FEFSI (Film Employees Federation of South India) had expressed its displeasure with the heads of Tamil Bigg Boss Season 2. The federation alleged that the main team of Bigg Boss hasn’t used 50% of FEFSI workers. They claimed that there is some disparity in recruiting the workers for the show. The Federation even threatened that they will halt the production of the TV show if the same continues.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2
Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2

After multiple discussions with different people holding key positions in TV industry, Khushbu, the President of Tamil Small Screen Producers Council intervened and sorted out all the issues. 50% of FEFSI workers will now involve in the works of Bigg Boss without creating any problems. The federation initially requested the intervention of Kamal Haasan but Khushbu took the responsibility and ended the issue on a happy note.

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