After Bigg Boss See What Namitha Doing in Himachal Pradesh

The Tamil Bigg Boss show has suddenly picked up buzz from the last two weeks. Makers are keeping the buzz intact by eliminating an unexpected contestant.

What Namitha Doing in Himachal Pradesh
What Namitha Doing in Himachal Pradesh

Faded out actress Namitha used to be one of the 14 contestants of Tamil Bigg Boss show. However, she got eliminated a couple of weeks back. Like any other contestant in Bigg Boss, she also got huge recognition across Tamil Nadu. After her elimination, media and some enthusiastic netizens started enquiring her where about. None other than Namitha has shared her location recently. She has been enjoying her special holidays in Himachal Pradesh. She was looking very cheerful in the photos she has uploaded.

Namitha got sudden recognition thanks to Bigg Boss Tamil. She almost left films because of her interest in Politics since the last general elections of Tamil.

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