Bigg Boss Kaushal responds on allegations and fires on TV5 Murthy

Since past days, there is a heated argument going on between Bigg Boss winner Kaushal and few of his army members. A few key members of Kaushal Army have come out to the media and stated that Kaushal is misusing the money donated by his fans, for his personal benefits rather than using it for charity purposes, as promised.

Kaushal Fires on TV5 Murthy
Kaushal Fires on TV5 Murthy

Kaushal held a press meet the other day to clarify regarding all the allegations put on him. He said, ” I have never misused any money donated for Kaushal Army. I have proofs as well. I think actress Tejaswi Madivada and Deepthi Sunaina are behind this conspiracy against me, as they are jealous of my success. There might be also strong support from a big personality for them.”

“People are trying to defame me as I am planning to enter into politics. But I will never look back, I take inspiration from Pawan Kalyan and fight till the end,” he added. Kaushal won the title of Bigg Boss Telugu season 2, majorly due to the support of his huge fanbase called Kaushal Army.

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