Bigg Boss Contestant Kathi Karthika’s Comments On Jr NTR

Kathi Karthika is a perfect girl for being called as a Telangana lady. The way she behaves in public and the way she talks completely gives us this impression. She recently participated in Bigg Boss and spent 43 days over there. After coming out of the show, she has interacted with media and revealed many interesting things about the TV show.

Kathi Karthika comments on ntr
Kathi Karthika comments on ntr

“I asked Tarak to host the Bigg Boss show for more seasons, and I have strong belief that he can pull it off successfully. I want him to host the show for hundred seasons. I also asked him not to colour his hair. Tarak is a friendly person and he speaks out of his heart and I like a lot about it. Tarak is not following any script while he is talking and I love it in him.” said Karthika.

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