Bigg Boss 8 Teaser: Salman turns Pilot, we wonder why?

The Khan is back and with more grandeur, we must say. It has just been a few days that COLORS announced that Salman will host Bigg Boss 8, and the teaser is already here, much to our surprise.


Looking dapper in the uniform, Salman becomes Pilot for this season of Bigg Boss. The teaser takes off in finesse, with showing Salman getting into the Pilot Avatar, and we are left wondering what could be the possible connection of Bigg Boss 8 and Salman’s Pilot roop. Plus, not only that, the teaser ends in style with an airplane and sky-written Bigg Boss 8.

Classy and creative, Bigg Boss Promos have always brought in something new on the platter. And with the eighth season, we are keen to know, what more are we to see this time? While we are busy at putting our permutations and combinations, as to what possibly could be the Airline connect, you take a look at the teaser.

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