Big Screen Vs Small Screen – Nagarjuna’s choice

King Nagarjuna enjoyed stardom in Tollywood film industry. This actor rocked the screens with “Shiva” and later on, he turned into a romantic hero in South Indian film industry. He crossed the fame achieved by Akkineni Nageswara Rao in the film industry and he proved himself as the perfect heir of ANR.


In the recent times, Nagarjuna’s faced huge financial issues with respect to his flicks. Most of his ventures in the last few months encountered series of postponements. Even after release, his flicks didn’t get much commercial success at the box office. Now, he entered small screen and in very less span of time, his show got No.1 position with respect to TRP ratings.

Hence, “Will Nagarjuna come back to big screen leaving small screen?” turned out to be the point. As per the analysts, Nagarjuna is earning more than what he used to get on big screen. Leaving such a popularity and the pay, Nagarjuna may not feel like coming back to big screen. May be, he appear once again with Akhil in this hero’s debut flick!

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