Big Change in These Bigg Boss Contestants

The second season of Bigg Boss and its contestants have been receiving a mixed response from the audience. In the first few weeks of Bigg Boss, the two housemates who gained immense affection from the audience are now receiving negativity. They are Geetha Madhuri and Shyamala.

Geetha Madhuri and Shyamala
Geetha Madhuri and Shyamala

Geetha Madhuri is one of the well-known faces in the house. Even till two to three weeks before, she has entertained the audience and gained the following. But in the past few weeks, she has been cornering one housemate and is projecting him badly in front of the audience. Though she supported Kaushal in the starting weeks, she has now turned against him and is calling him an ’emotional atyachari’. By making some negative comments on Kaushal, Geetha herself is degrading her image and is becoming a villain in the audience point of view. Coming to Shyamala, she has shown a drastic change in her personality, attitude, behavior everything after her re-entry. In fact, Kaushal Army polled the highest number of votes for Nutan Naidu’s re-entry and as Shyamala also hadn’t had any disputes with him, the fans of Kaushal split their votes between Nutan and Shyamala.

However, Shyamala has been spreading negative rumors and is revealing the outside happenings to Geetha, Deepthi, Tanish etc which made the audience fume in anger. Kaushal fans are commenting that they will eliminate her as soon as she enters the nomination. Despite, starting on a positive note, Geetha and Shyamala are garnering negativity. However, the reality show has almost come to an end and the audience is eager to know who is going to emerge as the winner.

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